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Gasthof zur Mühle

Culinary at the waterwheel

In a rustic ambience, the Gasthof zur Mühle invites to beer rounds and cultural events. Here, where already 200 years ago an inn with a bar serving the "Switzerland travelers", is today produced the finest organic beer after traditional brewing. In keeping with the full-bodied, tasty organic beer specialties, the revitalized inn offers hearty and rustic dishes, delivered directly from the neighboring organic bakery.

Among hikers and mountaineers, the mill has always been a popular retreat after a tour through the rock world of the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

"You should offer the body something good, so that the soul has the desire to live in it." True to this motto, the inn offers a Mühlenstube with crackling fire when it gets uncomfortable outside and the light-flooded winter garden overlooking the slowly rotating water wheel, which in the summer drives the mill.

Not only on the mill day at Pentecost, the mill wheel turns to grind fresh flour in the grinder. Every day at noon, the technical monument can be visited for a guided tour.

Opening hours

Montag: ab 11:00 Uhr
Dienstag: ab 11:00 Uhr
Mittwoch: ab 11:00 Uhr
Donnerstag: ab 11:00 Uhr
Freitag: ab 11:00 Uhr
Samstag: ab 11:00 Uhr
Sonntag: ab 11:00 Uhr

For group bookings in the Brausaal, please call + 49 (0) 35022 913 0, e-mail ed.aklimhcs@ofni or use our contact form.

Hearty delicacies

The Gasthof zur Mühle offers hearty and rustic dishes to sit down or take away. As a snack, a hot soup, a sausage, sweet and savory snacks from our organic bakery and a tasty organic beer from the Braumanufaktur!

The ideal rest for cyclists, who cycle along the Elbe and of course all hikers, who enjoy the long-awaited refreshment and refreshment after a long round in the Schrammsteinen.

Information on additives and ingredients in our foods that may cause allergies or intolerances, is available on request from our service staff. A separate menu is available in the Restaurant.

Meet and celebrate at the Brausaal

The Brausaal with its shiny copper kettles literally calls for a cozy get-together! With freshly tapped beer and delicious food, happy weddings, festive dinners and cool parties are celebrated here. To get in the right mood, there may be a brewery or mill tour for the guests, followed by a reception on the terrace belonging to the hall, where you can grill and chill together under a rocky roof. The hall is equally popular with hiking and travel groups.

Enjoy with safety

Frisch und gesund ist unsere Bio-Vital-Küche. Alle Zutaten in unseren Speisen und Getränken stammen aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau. Einen überwiegenden Teil beziehen wir aus der Region. Das Streuobst für unsere Säfte und wagenradgroßen Kuchen ernten wir in Thürmsdorf, Käse und Joghurt bekommen wir vom Kanzleilehngut Halsbrücke, der Ziegenkäse kommt aus Lauterbach und das frische Gemüse im Sommer aus dem eigenen Garten an der Elbe.

Vegane und vegetarische Küche sowie Vollwertkost gehören bei uns zum Standard. Auf Wunsch bieten wir Diätküche. Dazu gibt es die passende Weinempfehlung aus unserem ausgesuchten Bio-Weinsortiment sowie hausgemachte Bio-Limonaden, das Bier aus unserer eigenen Bio-Braumanufaktur und frisches Granderwasser aus allen Leitungen im Biohotel Helvetia.

Kontrollierte Bio-Qualität

Durch die regelmäßigen Kontrollen nach der EU-Bio-Verordnung und den strengen Richtlinien der BIO HOTELS garantieren wir Ihnen die Herkunft aller Lebensmittel aus kontrolliert ökologischer Erzeugung, aus heimischer Wildsammlung oder Wildfang.

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